Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meeting with Commissioner Cassellius

Commissioner Cassellius met with Region 2 Superintendents today in Mankato.  She highlighted various legislative priorities.  To date, her main concern is the issue of sequestration.  As it stands sequestration would impact our district budget by a 5% reduction to all federal funding sources.  Special Education and Title will be directly impacted.  If sequestration comes to fruition, our most needy students will have opportunities taken from them.  I encourage you to contact your local legislatures and discourage them from using sequestration as a way to balance the budget if you are so inclined.

Commissioner Cassellius also highlighted other state legislative action:

- Increase to kindergarten funding
- $22/per pupil unit funding for teacher evaluation
- Equalization aid
- Creation of regional centers
- Literacy aid change

The morning was full of rich information.  It appears that legislative action at the state level could bring positive changes to education.  Only time will tell...

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