Friday, February 26, 2016

Former #ISD2835 Student is Making a Worldly Impact

Kayla Sveen, Former JWP Student
Mr. Sveen's daughter and former JWP student, Kayla Sveen, is soon to experience a unique opportunity.  Currently Kayla is student teaching in Flandreu, South Dakota.  In the very near future she'll be taking her talents to Belize for a two week teaching adventure.

In preparation of this experience, JWP's 5th grade students gathered a collection of books for Kayla to share with her students when she arrives.  The 5th graders also composed letters to be shared with students.  It is the hope of JWP 5th grade students to connect with Kayla Sveen and her students via Google Hangouts upon her arrival in Belize.

This is a great example of how our students' educational experiences are evolving.  Quite literally, our students can take their learning to a global level using our new technologies.  This is also a fine example of the many ways our teachers are integrating technology as a way to leverage real world learning experiences.

A special thank you goes out to our 5th grade teachers and their students for the efforts they put forth to make this all a possibility.

To follow this experience closely, you can click here for a blog that highlights Kayla's experiences.

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