Friday, July 22, 2016

AASA PD Impacts #ISD2835

From July 18, 2016 through July 21, 2016 I was humbled, challenged, inspired and energized to improve my own professional practice in an effort to move the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton learning organization forward. The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) supports a certification program for superintendents looking to improve their skill set while attaining national certification as a school superintendent. This program attracts educational leaders throughout the United States. The diversity of the participants presents an optimal learning opportunity. I am fortunate to call the members of this group my colleagues and friends.

This week our learning was facilitated by Dr. Vince Matthews, California State Administrator for the Inglewood Unified School District. Our learning this week encapsulated the following topics:

1. Transforming Learning Organizations
2. Personalized Learning
3. Creating Partnerships (Political, Community, Business, and Others)
4. Technology Leadership
5. Leading Equity and Equality

Each of these areas of leadership are essential tools in leading organizations for change. On Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 Dr. Devin Vodicka, Superintendent of the Vista Unified School District lead conversations focused on 21st Century Leadership. One of the pieces he shared with us was the following video clip.

In this video it becomes clear that the 4Cs are at work with the Panyee Football Club. The 4Cs include: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Take some time to view the video and answer the following questions.

1. How are these children using creativity to achieve their goals?
2. In what ways are these children using collaboration to achieve a common goal?
3. Critical thinking is an important skill. How are these children displaying critical thinking skills?
4. What communication skills are at play throughout this video clip?

At Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton we strive to encourage and engage the 4Cs of 21st Learning. We hope to develop creative students who possess effective communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills so that they may thrive in the 21st century!

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