Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Committed School Board

From Left: Laura Seys, Kendra Hoehn, Shannon Asselin
The Minnesota School Board's Association (MSBA) conducts trainings for school board members throughout the state of Minnesota. MSBA breaks these trainings in to four different phases.

Phase I - This is an introduction to board member roles and responsibilities, the board/superintendent relationship, types of meetings and common scenarios.

Phase II - This training is required by state statute that includes finance, policies, personnel and significant laws.

Phase III - Explores building a high-performing school board with a focus on leadership styles, consensus building and policy development.

Phase IV - Focuses on community engagement, including a walk-through table-top exercise of how to set up a community engagement session in your community. The session also includes ideas and tools for communication with staff, students and constituents.

At the JWP School Board meeting on Monday, September 19, 2016 three of our board members were awarded Leadership Development Certificates from MSBA. Laura Seys, the late Dan Hoehn, and Shannon Asselin were provided these awards for their attendance at Phase I, II, and III trainings. Their commitment and dedication to the work of the school board is respected and appreciated.

School boards throughout the United States are charged with making important local decisions that will have a lasting impact on our youth. Being an educated board member is a key ingredient for district success. You can be assured that the JWP School Board is filled with educated and well informed members. Kudos to our board members!

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