Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We all can learn from children! #ISD2835

Yes, children are energetic, enthusiastic, impressionable, and knowledgeable. We all can learn from children as we did recently from a 1st grader in Mrs. Leiferman's classroom. During a conversation in her classroom a student informed her that "Making mistakes is really ok. That is what makes your brain grow." This mindset is exactly what we are looking for in our students and staff!

We want all individuals to understand that our brain is capable of learning news things at all stages in our lives. Quite simply put, making a mistake allows the opportunity for your brain to grow. In essence, if we engage and support a growth mindset, we become committed to continuous improvement.

The key to this is to consistently model as adults this commitment for our students. Therefore, let me challenge all those reading this blog to the following questions:

1. How do you model a growth mindset for your students, children and others?
2. What specific example can you think of that modeled this growth mindset?
3. Think about the benefits you have realized by allowing your mind to grow and develop. How have these situations enhanced your development as a professional?
4. What can you do to help develop your growth mindset?
5. What is one thing you'll do tomorrow to model your commitment to a growth mindset for your students and/or children?

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