Saturday, September 27, 2014

How are Principals Evaluated?

Principals have a variety of hats to wear as they conduct their work on a daily basis.  There are several items they are responsible for in their buildings and work hard to do their very best in all their efforts.  Each building principal is extensively evaluated on a yearly basis.  Principals are evaluated on the following items:

Performance Measure #1: Establish a vision and mission focused on shared goals and high expectations.

Performance Measure #2: Provides instructional leadership for high student academic performance.

Performance Measure #3: Manages human resources for quality instruction and professional growth.

Performance Measure #4: Builds professional and ethical relationships through collaboration and effective communication.

Performance Measure #5: Strategically manages resources for systemic performance accountability.

Under each one of those performance measures there are 8-10 subcategories that directly relate to each measure.  Principals meet with me throughout the calendar year to provide evidence that support their growth in each area.  They set specific SMART goals at the beginning of each year and their progress is monitored.

At the end of each evaluation cycle, principals fall in one of two tracks for improvement.  The first track is continuous improvement.  When principals are in this track they have essentially met all of their SMART goals and will set new goals for the upcoming school year.  The second track is the remediation track.  In this track, principals are coached and provided with support to reach previously set goals.  The premise of our evaluation system is to ensure our principals continue to improve their practice.  It is our goal to have high quality principals leading our buildings.

Should you have any specific questions regarding our evaluation process, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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