Monday, September 8, 2014

How Postings Happen on our Social Media

Recently, a follower of our Facebook site posed a question regarding how certain items get posted to Facebook while others do not.  I felt that was a great question and could use an explanation for our faithful followers.

District administrators have access to our Facebook account and can post items of interest at any particular time.  Many times some of the postings you see on Facebook and Twitter come directly from our staff members (coaches, paraprofessionals, teachers, etc...).  We do our very best to post each item that is shared but from time to time we miss things.  It is obviously our goal to post every outstanding happening in the District but it is inevitable that we will miss things. 

Should you be aware of something that should be posted and is not, please e-mail a district administrator and one of us will try to post for you.  We appreciate your understanding and support!

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